Northern Ontario Fishing Lodges

There are vast areas for fishing and hunting located in Northern Ontario. The area is home to abundant rivers, lakes and streams that will surely satisfy every person’s fishing needs. Ontario also prides itself on its rugged wilderness that will give every hunter the best experience.

Northern Ontario Fishing Lodges   

Taken from the Iroqouian meaning beautiful lake or water, Ontario does not fail to live up to its name with around 400,000 different bodies of water. Northern Ontario is positioned north of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, the Mattawa River and the French River.

Northern Ontario offers a selection of fishing sport such as angling, fly fishing and spin fishing. The area provides a large freshwater fishing network. It offers anglers the thrill of catching a muskellunge or a walleye for a trophy. Its range of lakes and rivers also offers beginners the exciting experience of having their first catch.  Whatever the person’s level of mastery and purpose, Northern Ontario provides the most suitable area and fish species.

Hunting in Northern Ontario

Hunting is another popular activity in Northern Ontario. The region offers a tradition of wildlife management that will provide every hunter with a great vacation. People can opt for a relaxed hunting experience while waiting for ducks, wild turkeys or geese.

Accommodation in Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario offers both excellent fishing sports and a relaxing stay. The region provides a wide selection of lodges and outfitters that can accommodate every tourist who ready for an adventure. It offers a range of escape options from wilderness fishing camps, cabins, remote lodges, family cottages to luxury resorts.

Fishing Lodges in Northern Ontario